Week beginning 4/7/16

Please remember rainbow day (children to wear on clothes) on Monday 11th and bring a donation of a bottle for the tombolas at the school festival on Friday 15th July.

This week has been another action packed week for the children. Rio has been a highlight this week with the headdresses being started by some classes and will definitely add some colour and sparkle to the celebrations.

Year six have been raising money for their end of year trip adn today held a successful cake sale and have a car wash planned to wash staff members cars.

The year six children are also practising their final production which will be shown to the whole school on Tuesday 19th July and then to the year 6 parents in the evening.

Week beginning 27/6/16

Due to technical issues we have had to remove the calendar at this time. Please check ‘Up Coming Events’ for more information.

Monday 27th June- Wednesday 29th June

Museum Exhibition

Grand Opening Monday 27th June 3.30 pm

Please note the museum opens at 3.30 pm and closes at 4.30 pm

The final day for museum is Wednesday and it closes it door at 4.30pm

Week beginning 20/6/16

Steel Pans

On Sunday 9 children from year 6 played Steel Pans amazingly well and showcased some of the songs they have learnt in their lessons at Eltham Hill School. The concert was well attended by members of the public and there were some lovely comments from the crowds when the children finished their songs.

This week has been a short week with the EU referendum taking place on Thursday and the school being used as a polling station.

The children have had the chance to make up their own minds and vote for themselves.

Year 6 have had a great experience of taking part in the junior citizenship where they have learnt valuable skills for their upcoming adventures of transition to secondary school.

Week beginning 13/6/16

School Journey Updates


Year 6 School Journey to Mill Rythe have arrived safely. Please check here for regular updates on their activities during the week.

All the children have been having fun completing team building challenges and bonding games with their instructors this afternoon.

Dinner has been eaten and the children are having a camp fire this evening.


All the children are up and ready to tuck into their breakfast before a morning of wet and whacky and survival skills. This afternoon the children will either be fencing or taking part in an archery session.

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning vital survival skills this morning which included building a shelter and starting a fire. The later part of the morning the children put on their swimwear and played a variety of games finishing off with water polo and a go on the tube slide.

This afternoon the children have been enjoying the problem solving activity course which required team work. The children also tried their hand at fencing and archery.

We have had a few calls from parents regarding who their children are sharing rooms with. Before they went on school journey the children wrote down the names of friends that they would like to share with, all children are with at least one of the friends on the list.

Mr Kinsella is experiencing problems with the internet connection but will try and send over a room sharing list so that we can update anyone with concerns.

Evening activities the group were split into two activities- half the group conquering their fears on the climbing wall and the other half enjoying energetic field games which involved protecting a real egg through an array of Olympic style events.


The children are having breakfast before they embark on a 45 minute nature walk that leads them to the beach. The weather is lovely there today and everyone is looking forward to the morning activities.

On the beach the children played games organised by the instructors then they had ice cream and  walked back to Mill Rythe in time for lunch.

The afternoon activities were fencing, archery or team challenges if the groups hadn’t had the chance to do these earlier in the week. There was also a sensory walk which involved completing an obstacle course blindfolded.

After dinner some of groups had their turn on the climbing wall while others had field games. The fun filled day ended with film night in the ballroom for those that wanted to watch.


The children have in store today the following activities dependent on which group they are in: abseiling, buggy building, team challenge and kayaking.

There is an air of excitement about this evenings entertainment – the disco! The disco will be in the ballroom where the children can showcase their dance moves. We wish the birthday boy many happy returns today.

It poured with rain in the afternoon so children were given the option of either watching the England v Wales game, circus skills or play games.

All the children enjoyed the disco and they were able to spend the rest of their pocket money at the gift shop.


The children are on the final stage of the journey- they are on their way home!

The approximate arrival time is 2.30pm any further news we will update as and when we know.

The children have all arrived back to school safely.

Week beginning 6/6/16

This week has been a busy week with all the children working had and also making crowns to help celebrate Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. The children wore their red, white and blue clothing for the festivities today. All the children met on the field and had a ‘tea party’ where cake and drinks were served, games were played before all joining together to sign ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Queen.

Week beginning 23/5/16

This week year 6 have been orienteering and even creating their own activities. The classes voted and the winning idea was made and carried out by other year groups.

Year 5 this week have had a Greek day where they had the chance to dress up as Greek Gods and Goddess, they were lucky enough to have the chance to do some cooking and make authentic Greek dishes with the thanks to Mrs Georgiou.

School council would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the milk bottle challenge, as a school we raised £147.02.

Year 6 School Council

Week beginning 16/5/16

This week Year 4 had a brilliant trip to Eltham Palace and they had a walk along part of a green chain walk route to reach their destination. They looked around the palace and the gardens to aid the learning about Eltham already in place.

Year 6 have been focusing on outdoor learning. The children looked around the school and the areas around the site from this they have thought about changes they could make to the local area.

Year 5 have been  creating their own animated movies in ICT and have been designing the animations and writing scripts to add voice overs too.

Please could you continue to send in any spare change to continue to support school council and help them towards their £1000 target for the London Air Ambulance.

Year 6 School Council.

Please find below a powerpoint detailing the forth coming Year 6 school journey to Mill Rythe.

School journey meeting May 2016

Week beginning 9/5/16

This week year 6 have had a week of hard work due to the SATs, we have made sure we have shown all the knowledge we have and tried our best in all the SATs. The tests started on Monday and finished on Thursday. We went to Altash Park this morning as a reward for our hard work.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Year 6 School Council.

Week beginning 25/4/16

This week has been another busy week and the children in year 6 have been looking at different types of reading materials and using them to gather information to answers questions. In maths they have been looking at algebraic questions.

Year 5 are continuing their studies on Ancient Greece and using their knowledge they have been putting lots of extra detail into describing characters and settings.

Please continue to donate to school councils chosen charity – milk bottles are now in all classes and are ready to accept any change.

We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the bank holiday. We are proud of what we have accomplished this week.

By Year 6 School Councilors.

Week beginning 18/4/16

This week year 6 have been looking at first person narratives in literacy and in maths we have been looking at SATs style questions. Year 5 have been looking Odysseus and have been making Greek God powerpoints.

School council are fundraising for their charity of the year by placing an empty milk bottle in each class and asking for donations of coins (stirling only) to fill the milk bottles. The milk bottles will be in class from Monday until half term. School council have set themselves a target of £1000 to be raised throughout the year.

Week beginning 11/4/16

We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our calender on the website and some dates are being incorrectly doubled up- please check the newsletter for upcoming dates until these issues can be resolved.

Please note some changes to our school calendar:

The school will be used as a Polling station on 5th May school  and will be closed to all pupils except year 6 who will be invited to attend a booster day.

The school will be used as a Polling station on 23rd June and will be closed to all pupils.

Inset day 5 has changed from the 6th June to the revised date of 24th June.

As the SATS draw nearer please find below some links to websites that you may find helpful.

Useful SATS revision websites




http://www.compare4kids.co.uk/sats/spag/pdfs/paper1.pdf            spelling and grammar test

http://www.emaths.co.uk/      access  to past SATs papers

http://satspapers.org/      2016 sample tests for KS1 and KS2

https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/239784/English_Appendix_1_-_Spelling.pdf      Spelling lists    Year 1 and 2       Year 5 and 6

https://uk.ixl.com/    maths and grammar practise all year groups

https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum-assessments-2016-sample-materials        Government sample tests for KS1 and KS2 SATs.





SATS year 6

Week beginning 21/3/16

Well its been a short term but an action packed one. Last night the Montbelle Choir joined a host of other schools to perform an outstanding concert. The children were a credit to the school.

This weeks maths link to help children in years 5 and 6 to help you with your child’s learning.

Factors,Primes + Squares

Week beginning 14/3/16

The children have had a wonderful week with science week, there has been workshops that the children took part in. A massive thank you to Mrs Bowman and Miss Till and the year children who were practicing scientists.

This weeks maths link to help children in years 5 and 6 to help you with your child’s learning.


Week beginning 7/3/16

Year 5 and 6 took part in a dance production at Crown Woods. We all had to do lots of practicing to make sure our dances were perfect. There was a big audience and we were all very nervous but we all danced and hope that everyone liked it. We really enjoyed it and loved dancing for everyone. The part we enjoyed the most was the finale where all the schools taking part danced around the hall waving glow sticks. We were proud of all the dancers and the dances we performed. We want to say a big thank you to the teachers that helped out and the girls from crown woods who taught us the dances.                                 From Year 6 School Council.

*****We are pleased to announce that Montbelle Primary School has become one of the first schools in Greenwich to complete the Autisum Education Trust Standards*****

This week children from year 5 and 6 are preforming at Crown Woods Dance Production, a lot of practicing has been undertaken by the children and a huge thank you to Mrs Helps and Miss Hayley for organising with the Crown Woods students. We wish them all the best for the performance and can’t wait to hear back from the children, staff and parents.

We have parents evenings this week Tuesday and Thursday evening, if you are unable please contact the class teacher to re-arrange.

This weeks maths link to help children in years 5 and 6 to help you with your child’s learning.


Week beginning 29/2/16

This week we have continued to update the website and have added new information about the upcoming school dinner menu which will start on 11/4/16. Please click on the link to access the new menu Gold Standard Lunch Menu please be advised that the cost of school dinners will increase to £1.60 a day (£8.00) a week from the 11/4/16.

We have also added some Maths work to help pupils and parents in year 5 and 6. Please click on the links to access the information.


Column Methods Add + Subtract

Week beginning 8/2/16

Year 4 School Journey to Wrotham


After a short coach journey we arrived safe and excited to find out about our new accommodation!  First we had a tour of the centre from George (one of our leaders) and then we went to our rooms where our first tasks were met – unpacking and making our beds! We all managed it. Then we had lunch followed by a windy run about outside before splitting into our groups  for our first activity. Ms Stanley’s class braved the elements to scale the climbing wall and high rope challenge, setting many records! All the children are proud of their achievements. Mrs Robertson’s class braved the mud and puddles to complete a series of problem solving challenges working in teams. We are just off for our first dinner and we are excited for our barn activities this evening.


Morning activities Ms Stanley’s class had a turn of mud and puddles and problem solving challenges working in teams and Mrs Robertson’s class had a chance to experience high ropes and climbing the wall. After lunch Ms Stanley’s class had two activities – archery in the barn and low ropes, for low ropes the children learnt to work collaboratively together and worked really well together. Archery was a challenge in which children tried to hit the target  to win an imaginary dream holiday and choice of guest! Mrs Robertson’s class had survival training in the woods, the children had to build camps to protect them from hurricane Jordan (one of our leaders- not an actual hurricane!) they also cooked and made dough twists on an open camp fire. This evening we have enjoyed a yummy dinner and chocolate cake for pudding and are about to don our dancing shoes!

Week beginning 1/2/16

We have had the opportunity to watch Tim Peake give a live science lesson broadcast from space, this was watched by children all around the county and in many parts of the world. Tim answered questions that others schools had tweeted in and we saw how he could drink a bubble of water and play ping pong with water a water bubble. Please click on the link to have a look at the science lesson.

Tim Peake Science Lesson from Space courtesy of the Guardian Newspaper.

Week beginning 25/1/16

This week we have been lucky to have had a travel workshop. The workshop encouraged us to walk to school but made sure we knew how to keep ourselves safe when doing so.

Year 6 School Council Representatives.

Week beginning 18/1/16

We have been using flashback narratives in literacy this week this is to improve our understanding and make our writing more creative.

During maths we used loop cards and looked into how they work, how they give us a maths problem and help us solve a maths problem.

Year 6 School Council Representatives.

Week beginning 11/1/16

This week we have been focusing on anti-racism and thinking about if we should treat each other differently or not. We have studied P.E.E (Point, Evidence and Explain) to help us when we need to answer questions.

It was Greenwich Meridian’s class assembly this week and featured class pupils who had aged 60 years and they recalled all about their learning across their time as students at Montbelle. The assembly was called Do you remember?

Year 6 School Council Representatives.

Week beginning 4/1/16

In year six we looked at our new book which we will be using in class, it is called Journey to the River Sea. We wrote poems in groups to describe how we would feel on the journey.  In science we used keys to sort animals and their habitats. We have shared in our classes our family learning projects about festivals.

Year 6 School Council Representatives.

Week beginning 14/12/15

The end of term is fast approaching and the children have been busy rehearsing their performances. Nursery and reception performed to the parents last week, this week sees KS1 and KS2 having their final rehearsals.

Week beginning 7/12/15

This week the children have a busy week with a lovely treat at the end of it, the children had Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner and a panto of Robin Hood. The children all got into the spirit of the festive season and we raised nearly £180 for the Text Santa appeal which has joint together with Save the Children charity and they will share the money equally between three charities Save the Children UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and Make-A-Wish UK.

Week Beginning 23/11/15

We have had two year groups out on trips this week Tuesday saw Year 4 head off to the British Museum and Wednesday saw Year 5 head there too. Both year groups had a great day and saw some amazing artefacts to coincide with their topics.

Week Beginning 16/11/15

This week the children had an apprentice style challenge to create an activity for the upcoming Christmas fair. The children had to pitch their idea in front of a panel of judges from year 6 who picked a winner from KS1 and KS2.

Friday saw children take over day, where children in year six take over the school and have jobs to do. The children all did really well and enjoyed the day even if some aspects were a little chillier than expected! (Gate duty)

Week Beginning 9/11/15

This week school council and friends have been busy making Pudsey and Blush badges for Children in Need. We have been trying to make enough for everyone and we will continue making them at the start of next week. Today we came to school dressed in yellow and spotty clothes and have raised over £400 so far. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.

We have had a Remembrance  Day assembly and we observed a two minute silence for those who have fought and died in the war.

On Thursday year 4, 5 and 6 had an anti-bullying assembly. A theatre group came in to school to preform a play to explain how we can respect each others differences.

Year 6 School Council Representatives.

Year 4

Today we have been thinking about those children less fortunate than ourselves who are in need. We had a PSHE session on the bus today in which we discussed why children might be in need and how we can help them. Here are some thoughts from a year 4 pupil.

“Why do we raise awareness and money for children in need?”

To give a person a better enjoyment of life so that they can have a future. To give out a home for people or an education so they might have the ability to talk, walk or just have their own independence.

Mrs Robertson

Week beginning 3/11/15

During this week, the whole school have been focusing on Remembrance Day. Year 6 have visited Greenwich War Memorial to remember those who fought and have died in the war.

The whole school had received a homework project based on ‘Where We Live’. We have shared them in our classes and a couple of children from each class have presented their projects in celebration assembly. Everyone worked extremely hard.

Year 6 School Council Representatives.

Rights Respecting School Committee met today (Friday), committee members from Year 1- Year 6 met with Miss Richmond, Miss Stanley, Miss Till, Mrs Burran and Mrs Geden.

The committee talked about how children’s rights are displayed across the school. The committee have decided on the next steps for displaying this and they intend to launch a design competition to create posters for across the school.

Mrs Geden