School Improvement Priorities

Each year, Governors and Staff look at all of our data across the school and other key documents, including parent/children surveys, to ensure we have clear school priorities.

This year (2015/2016) we have set the following priorities linked to the Ofsted priorities:

Overall Effectiveness: All members of the school community hold the highest expectations of all learners, alongside a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, the promotion of SMSC and physical well-being, provides consistently good or better teaching and learning over time.

Effective Leadership and Management: Leaders (including GB) embody the school’s vision and aspirations, working in partnership with all members of the school community to ensure safeguarding arrangements are outstanding, high expectations are held of all learners, which results in good or better outcomes and effective CPD demonstrates effective succession planning.

Quality Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Teaching over Time is consistently good or better across all year groups and all curriculum areas.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare: The percentage of children attending school increases from 95.9% to 97%; the percentage of persistent absence reduces to 7%, with an aspiration to reach 5% or below.

Outcomes for children: Excellent quality first teaching and high expectations of all learners across the school, in all areas of the curriculum, ensures that children’s in-year progress is good, or better. Attainment in Year 1 Phonics screening, and attainment in end of Key Stage outcomes (EYFS, KS1 and KS2), is in line with, or above, Royal Borough of Greenwich outcomes.