Pupil Attainment


ATTAINMENT refers to the National Curriculum level a pupil reaches by the time they leave either:

Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)
Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5,6)


Children’s attainment is formally assessed and reported at the end of Reception, the end of Year 2 and the end of Year 6.




Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage201620162016201720172017201820182018
% exp.+ Communication and Language93%86%82%NCER90%85%82%88%84%tbc
% exp.+ Physical Development95%89%88% NCER92%89%88%97%88%tbc
% exp.+ PSED95%88%85% NCER92%87%85%88%87%tbc
% exp.+ Literacy92%80%72% NCER87%79%73%82%79%tbc
% exp.+ Maths93%83%77% NCER87%82%78%83%82%tbc
% exp.+ Understanding the World95%86%83% NCER93%86%84%88%86%tbc
% exp.+ Expressive Arts and Design95%89%83% NCER90%90%87%90%89%tbc
% exp.+ Good Level of Dvpt90%79%69% NCER87%78%71%82%78%tbc


School RBGNationalSchoolRBGNationalSchoolRBGNational
Year 1 % working at required standard (WA)86%84%81% NCER85%84%81%81%84%82%
Year 2 WA retake100%61%67% NCER75%57%NYA
% WA by the end of year 298%92%91%95%92%92%93%92%92%

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1201620162016201720172017201820182018
School RBgNationalSchoolRBGNationalSchoolRBGEngland
Reading TA% at expected standard +87%81%74% NCER83%80%76%75%79%75%
% Greater Depth35%34%24 NCER31%32%25%28%31%26%
Writing TA% at expected standard +82%76%66% NCER80%76%68%80%76%70%
% Greater Depth25%24%13%20%24%16%27%23%16%
Maths TA% at expected standard +87%82%73% NCER80%81%75%73%80%76%
% Greater Depth35%32%18% NCER31%30%21%30%29%22%
RW and M TA% at expected standard +73%72%60% NCER75%73%64%72%72%64%*
% Greater Depth24%18%9% NCER20%19%11%27%19%11%*
Science TA% Level 2+
% at expected standard 93%86%82% NCER85%85%83%77%85%83%

*from NCER emerging national

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2201620162016201720172017201820182018
Reading Test% At expected standard (100+)67%73%66%62%77%71%72%79%75%
% Higher Standard22%22%19%16%28%25%14%30%28%
AV. Scaled score102104103102105104104106105
Writing TA% At expected standard +85%83%74%74%83%76%67%81%78%
% Greater Depth23%26%15%24%26%18%22%26%20%
Maths TA% At expected standard (100+)62%78%70%78%82%75%67%80%76%
% Higher Standard15%23%17%22%30%23%17%29%24%
AV. Scaled score102105103104106104103106104
RW and M% At expected standard (100+)50%63%53%48%70%61%55%70%64%
% Higher Standard8%10%5%16%13%9%5%13%10%
GP and S Test% At expected standard (100+)70%78%73%67%81%7771%83%78%
% Higher Standard27%28%23%17%39%31%22%41%34%
AV. Scaled score104105104103107106104108106
Science TA% At expd. std90%88%81%88%86%82%79%85%82%
Progress reading (VA)
Progress writing (VA)
Progress maths (VA)


Attainment at the end of Reception

Attainment in Reception shows  the percentage of children achieving a ‘good level of development’ (GLD).

Good Level of Development
2013 2014 2015
Sch Nat Sch Nat Sch Nat
75% 52% 78% 60% 82% 66%


Defining a Good Level of Development

Children have reached a ‘Good Level of Development’ at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage if they achieve at least the expected level in The Early Learning Goals in the prime areas of learning – personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language, and also in the Early Learning Goals in the specific areas of mathematics and literacy. The supporting measure for the Good Level of Development will be the average point score across all Early Learning Goals. The scores are as follows; Emerging 1,  Expected 2,  Exceeding 3.

Please click on the link to view the DfE School Performance tables website.