Welcome to Reception Class’ page.  Our teachers are Mrs Eardley and Miss Sheen and we are supported by Mrs Fowler, Mrs Jerret, Mrs Merret and Narzif.  Our Phase Leaders are Mrs Eardley and Mrs Aylmer.

Welcome to our new Reception families.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) in both the Nursery and Reception at Montbelle and assess children according to their developmental age. In Reception children work towards the Early Learning Goals which represent the developmental level children are expected to reach at the end of their Reception year before they move up to the National Curriculum in Year 1. The curriculum is divided in to 7 areas of learning and to ensure we are developing children holistically into well rounded individuals each area is given equal precedence over the year. The 7 Areas of learning are:
1. Personal, social and emotional development
2. Physical Development (includes fine motor skills and handwriting, gross motor skills and health care)
3. Communication and Language (includes speaking, listening and understanding)
4. Literacy (includes reading and writing)
5. Mathematics (includes number and space, shape and measures)
6. Understanding the world (includes technology, our world and people and communities)
7. Expressive arts and design (includes being imaginative and using and applying media and materials)

In Reception children are taught through a combination of whole class, focused groups and independent learning and are taught by a qualified Teacher and Teaching Assistant. Young children learn through play so every child has independent and autonomous access to both indoor and outside learning environments on a daily basis when they can choose the activities and areas of learning that interest them through carefully planned adult led activities and our quality continuous provision.

In addition, the children take part in daily phonics sessions to teach them the basis of reading and writing, guided reading groups, ability maths groups, PE sessions twice a week and a Forest School session where they get the chance to learn and explore in a natural outdoor setting. We are fortunate to benefit from a light, airy and spacious indoor learning environment and a newly developed outdoor garden complete with a large sandpit, water exploration area, mud kitchen and tree house!

Through our key person system children are made to feel safe, happy and secure at school and excellent relationships between adults and children are formed quickly. Communication between school and home and strong partnerships between the two are vitally important to children’s wellbeing and development. We pride ourselves in keeping parents and children happy through a range of initiatives such as our weekly working together ideas, open classrooms, parental workshops and lets learn together sessions, to name but a few! Needless to say, all teaching staff are on hand at the beginning and end of the day to discuss any issues or enquiries as they arise.

During the day children are free to access a healthy snack bar inside their classroom. They have a choice of water, milk and different fruit and vegetables each day. We also run regular cooking activities for children when they learn about the importance of healthy eating, get the chance to apply their developing maths skills and have lots of fun creating delicious foods to eat.


Each half term we aim to focus on a general skill set such as exploring and investigating, designing and planning or using our imaginations. These have been specifically chosen so that all children experience a range of different learning opportunities. Topics are based on children’s own interests so are kept flexible and are shared with parents through our half termly Reception Newsletter so that learning can be reinforced at home. Through each topic we also focus on a core text and really bring it alive for the children through a range of engaging and interactive activities. Children are given the time, space and resources to follow their own interests during child initiated play in the indoor and outdoor learning environment. These form mini-topics that are on-going throughout the year and ensure learning is kept meaningful, engaging and fun for the children – and the reason why they enjoy coming to school each day!

Across the year we have a different focus for each term:

Autumn- Our focus in the Autumn term is to settle children into their new learning environment, ensuring that they feel happy, safe and valued. We explore and celebrate our differences and find out those things that we like and dislike. Children are encouraged to talk about their families and share own personal experiences. This term also gives us an opportunity to discover and talk about all the changes that take place during Autumn. We also begin to explore and celebrate different cultures and beliefs and will perform a Christmas Nativity to support our understanding of Christianity.

Spring- Spring is a time for growth and new beginnings. This gives us the opportunity to discover what plants, animals and we humans need to stay healthy. We will be taking part in lots of hands on growing activities and will involve the children when developing our outside area.

Summer- During Summer term we will be supporting the children’s transitions into new classes, we enjoy inviting parents in to meet for picnics, rising 5’s and class swaps.



All the children in Nursery and Reception walk to our local library at Coldharbour to listen to a story, peruse the library environment and choose a book to take back to class. This is a highly enjoyable and valuable experience for the children as it teaches them how a library works and reinforces their love of reading for pleasure.
In addition we also take part in lots of local trips around our community to reinforce class base learning – for example, we recently visited the post office to buy stamps and post our letters, the shop to use money to buy ingredients for cooking, and the church in Chislehurst to learn about Christian beliefs surrounding Christmas.
Each term we go on a trip further afield to further develop our class based learning. Trips are always highly enjoyable and informative and help bring the learning alive for children. Past trips have included trips to the Theatre, Godstone Farm, the local bus garage, the London Aquarium, and Environmental Curriculum Centre. Details of this year’s trips will be communicated nearer to the time.

Thorough risk assessments are completed prior to any school trip as children’s safety is our paramount concern. We adhere to strict adult: child ratios and always need parent volunteers to support us.

Please see our Gallery page to view some of the learning that has taken place this year.

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