Spending quality time engaging, talking and playing with your child at home is the very best way you can support their development. As such we send home weekly Working Together Ideas to share some of the key aspects of learning that we have been focusing on in class that week and to give you some ideas on how you can support this learning at home through talk and play. These ideas are not compulsory and there is no expectation that every idea is completed. Instead we would like you to dip in and out of them using them to support learning at home as and when you see fit. We provide every child with a Learning Log so that parents and children can record any learning at home though pictures, photos, mark making and writing. These are celebrated in class each week.

In addition, every child is able to choose a book each day to share at home. Spending time with your child reading stories, looking at pictures or talking about a story is a fantastic way to develop their literacy. As children develop they will also be given a reading journal and reading books for them to have a go at reading themselves as well as a phonics book with the key letters and sounds we have been learning in school so that they can be practiced at home.

Working together Ideas.

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