Teaching Staff

Gemma Till, Nursery (Railway)

Zoe Roberts, Reception (Foundation stage phase leader) (Routemaster)

Anita Bracken, Reception (Clipper)

Kayleigh Woodland Year 1 (Maritime)

Katy Sarton, Year 1 (Thames)

Helen Bowman (Key Stage 1 Phase Leader) Year 2 (Cutty Sark)

Jo Pritchard, Year 2 (Cutty Sark)

Karen Davis

Jo Wardrope, Year 2 (Golden Hinde)

Siobhan Burne, Year 3 (Henry VIII)

Sara Palfreyman, Year 3 (Nelson)

Eve Leathem, Year 4 (Sir Walter Rayleigh)

Sachi Richmond, Year 4 (Francis Drake)

Simon Kinsella, Year 5 (Planetarium)

Ashley Hoyte, Year 5 (Royal Observatory)

Victoria Bayes, Year 6 (Greenwich Meridian)

Andrew Euniton,  Year 6 (Royal Greenwich)

Specialist Teachers

Each week, every member of staff is entitled to Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA). This equates to 10% of their teaching time. At Montbelle, we use this time to give all children a range of different experiences. This includes PE and music led by specialist teachers and extra lessons focused on spelling, punctuation and grammer taught by staff in school.

The specialist teachers are:

Claire Helps,  P.E.

Hayley Bromhead, P.E (coach from Progressive Sports)

Hannah Bray, Flute Tutor

Jenny Endersby, Violin Tutor

Matt Chandler, Guitar Tutor

Elizabeth Jefferson, Librarian

Norma Widdows, Assistant Librarian

Breakfast club staff

Sonya Beale

Debbie Macdonald

Classroom support assistants

Sue Merrett (HLTA, Nursery Nurse)

Sonya Beale

Louis Hook

Barbara Harris

Maria Whitehorn

Kayley Thompson (HLTA)

Jacqui Crawford

Nikki Kimble

Helen Relf (HLTA)

Mandy Clinton

Katherine Place (HLTA)

Denise Goddard

Sue Abbott

Samantha Fitzpatrick

Narzif Ustusoy

Georgia Lander

Caroline French

Sam Burran

Vicky Nicolosi

Katrina Fowler

Stephanie May

Saffron Tough

Support staff

Kim Rouse, Administration Officer

Alison Hawkins, Administration Officer

Jo-Ann Stratton, Administration Officer

David Williams, Premises Manager

John Coleman, Gardener/Premises Support

Mid-day meal supervisors

Trudie Hook (Senior MMS)

Kelly Chamberlain

Mandy Clinton

Jane Forrest

Debbie  MacDonald

Gwynth Young

Lesley Dwyer

Vincent Gubbins

Nahida Kauser

Hayley Washford

Cleaning staff

Julie Harbottle

Glynis Williams

Maria Harbottle

Jane Hayward

Kelly Chamberlain

Debbie Macdonald

Catering staff

Frances Grovenor

Michelle Barnes

Phillippa Bloomfield

Leslie Hancock

Andrea Palmer

Amanda Collins

Monica Fischer