Montbelle PTA


Meet The Team  
Angela Webb Chairperson I have two boys at Montbelle currently in Year 3 & Reception, and have always enjoyed helping out with PTA events. I think our PTA brings parents and children together and helps us get to know one another better! If we can do that while having fun and raising funds together to give our children something a little extra at school, then we've done a good job!
Danielle Douglas Secretary I am hoping that during my time on the Committee we can create a real sense of community amongst the parents, carers, pupils and teachers by hosting a range of fun family events and in turn raising money for the school.
Debbie Sankey Treasurer In my role as Treasurer I'm keen to ensure the money raised is well managed and put to the best possible use to benefit the children at Montbelle. I'm also keen to help build a fantastic parent community to support everyone at the school.
Committee Members
Alexia Henderson My son, Alexander, is in Reception. In the few months, since we have joined Montbelle Primary, I have seen how hard the teachers and the school have been working to inspire our children on their learning journey. I wanted to get involved as I believe that we, as parents, have a lot to offer in supporting and enriching the school environment and that we as well as our children have a lot to gain by creating a close knit and simultaneously open community. And if we can do this while having fun what is there not to like?!
Jo Powis I have been a parent at the school since my eldest started in 2009!! I want to continue to help the friendly school community grow and raise money in an enjoyable way.
According to my children I talk to everyone- so I thought I would put this skill to good use
Dawn Spencer I have 2 children in Montbelle, Reception and Year 4. I joined the PTA as I believe we are lucky to have a great community at Montbelle and together we can all work to create fun events to raise money for our children and for future children at Montbelle.
Inga Stamer I'm a mum of two, one is in reception and one is in year 2.
I wanted to be part of the pta because I feel it is an important part to a school.
I'm really excited about creating new events that build an even stronger school community.


Montbelle Melodies  
Edit Solyom-LeachI have been a Mum in Montbelle for 16 years as I have older children. My youngest son is in Year 5 now. I have been running the Rainbow Rhythm Singing Club, teaching Kodaly method, in Montbelle for 14 years providing an engaging and Fun environment for music learning. Playing in the Womble Ensemble is my favourite hobby and I would love other children and parents to experience the satisfaction that we feel when we play together. I strongly believe that any music enhances children’s personalities and makes them happier and more balanced individuals. “Music multiplies the beauty of life and all its values.” (Zoltan Kodaly)
Angie May I am a mother of two precious little girls in years 1 and 4. I have a passion for music and also a love for working with children which led me to become a Suzuki piano teacher. I believe children are capable of achieving anything with the right environment and with the love and support from their parents. Learning a musical instrument is a road to discovery for both the child who is learning and for their families.
Sherryann Macleod-Carey I have a son in year 1 and a daughter in year 3. Unlike Edit and Angie I am not musically trained but as a parent it always amazes me to see our children perform with such talent and bravery. I am an avid home baker and therefore help at the refreshments stall during the concerts and in any other way I can. I even ended up playing with the Womble Ensemble! If I can do it, anyone can and my daughter just couldn't be happier!
Event Team
Sophie Burns
Sarah Fisher