School Day


School Day
NurseryStart of morning nursery.End of morning nursery.Start of afternoon nursery.End of afternoon nursery.
ReceptionDoors open.Morning register closes and morning session begins.End of morning session.Lunch break. Afternoon register taken and afternoon session begins.End of afternoon session.End of school day.
8.45am9.00am12.00 noon12.00 noon-1.20pm1.20pm3.20pm3.20pm
KS1 Year 1 and 2School gates openMorning register closes.Morning session 1.Assembly (except Friday: 1.30pm)Playtime.Morning session 2.Lunch.Afternoon register taken. Afternoon session 1. Playtime.Afternoon session 2. End of the school day.
8.45am9.00am9.00-10.10am10.10-10.30am10.30-10.45am10.45am-12.00 noon 12.00 noon-1.20pm1.20pm1.20pm-2.15pm 2.15pm-2.30pm 2.30pm-3.20pm3.20pm
KS2 Years 3,4,5 and 6Gates open.Morning registers close.Morning session 1.Assembly (except Friday: 1.30pm)Playtime.Morning session 2.Lunch. Afternoon register taken.Afternoon session.End of the school day.
8.45am9.00am9.00-10.10am10.10-10.30am 10.30-10.45am10.45am-12.30pm 12.30-1.30pm1.30pm1.30-3.30pm 3.30pm