We have been exploring numicon. We are learning how to count each hole on a numicon piece to find out its value. We have loved making different pictures using numicon as well as playing guess my numicon. We have enjoyed creating number lines by ordering numicon and some of us have even begun to add numicon pieces together.


We are currently learning about ‘Polar Worlds’. We have loved learning interesting facts about various polar animals. We have created various models using junk modelling, play dough and craft resources. We have also been observing the cold weather. We loved investigating different ways to retrieve some of our classroom items that had been frozen one day. Our adventures continue daily as we wait to discover what each new day brings.


We enjoy weekly cooking sessions in Nursery using our own kitchen. Our sides are low level which mean that we can be fully involved in preparing various cookery tasks. We learn about how to use tools safely and about hygiene. We are also loving seeing the changes that food goes through when it’s cooked or frozen!

We thouroughly enjoy both our indoor and outdoor provision in Nursery. Here are some photos of us exploring.


We love trips in Nursery. Some recent outings have been to our local library and our local church. We loved having help from lots of grown-up as we were able to demonstrate our excellent concentration and listening skills.


We are spider mad in Nursery. We recently found a spider in class which then sparked a huge interest. We went on spider hunts and found webs around our school grounds. We loved looking closely at different real spiders which we then drew and painted.

Our mark making skills are continuing to improve. Look at our amazing work!

We love to read! Each day we share whole class stories, small group and individual stories. We have recently been enjoying making up own own stories and using our mark making to add details.

In nursery we have been working hard to develop new friendships. We have enjoyed participating in a range of activities and small group tasks that have been supporting us with our interactions with those around us.


Ted the bear is our class bear. He has been loving going on adventures with the children. He selects a different child to go for a sleepover. The children document their adventures and then share these with the class. We have also been sharing these photos in our cloakroom where the children can regularly see them.

Nursery have been enjoying a range of Phase One activities during our phonic sessions. These children have been exploring sounds and also creating sounds using different items. We went on listening walks around school and had to listen carefully to distinguish the different sounds that we could hear.