Nursery 2017/18

Nursery have been exploring their new environments.


We love cooking at Montbelle and we enjoy taking part in different activities each week that help us to develop our skills. During cooking activities we learn about safety, linking to the tools we are using as well as hygiene. We talk about the different ingredients being used each session and then we share and taste our cooking skills when we have a finished product. It is great fun. Here are some pictures of us.


As part of a whole school topic “Take One Traditional Story”, we had a dress up day. Children came dressed as a character from their favourite story.  Here are a few examples of our excellent character costumes. Can you guess who they are?


In class this week, we have been really interested in Magnets. Each day, we used and explored different magnets and completed different challenges. We also set our own challenges and enjoyed testing out our ideas. We used magnets to support our counting, our building skills and our fine motor skills.

We had great fun at school today. It started to snow! We loved playing in our outdoor area, making snow angels, snow balls and ice creams!

We have loved learning about New Life and Spring. We have had chicks in for 2 weeks in FS from the Living Chicks Company. They chicks arrived as eggs and we monitored them daily, observing and discussing changes that we could see. We experiences them hatching and we loved watching how they changed as they grew and developed. Once they were strong enough, we had changes t handle them and even our grown-ups took part in after school sessions with us to share in the experience.


We also had caterpillars in class that supported our learning of lifecycles. We learnt about the stages of the lifecycle and again, watched closely over a period of weeks to observe these changes. The children showed great care and concern when we released them in our outdoor area.

In our final half term, we have been following our theme of ‘Discovery’. The children have been involved in a range of activities, supported further by key texts that naturally support their curiosity. One of our favourite books was ‘Supertato’. We found Supertato hidden in our Nursery and had great fun exploring and finding out who he was and where he had come from. After reading our story, we created our own Supertato’s and created a range of traps to capture ‘Evil Pea’. Our investigations continued as we received further stories from the Supertato series.