Our Curriculum Statement

As a fully inclusive learning community, we put the enjoyment, enrichment and high aspirations that meet the needs of all of our children at the heart of all we do. Across the curriculum, we expect rigour, excellence, equality and promote British Values and the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding for all our children, using our local and wider community to place learning and play in a real-life context for all learners. We also expect our curriculum to react to our ever changing world and adapt to the needs of our children to reflect National needs and interests.

As a community, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to impart; we use this to provide a curriculum that has suitable breadth, depth and relevance to meet statutory requirements and the needs and interests of learners. We achieve this through facilitating lessons that are alive with creativity, challenge and involvement for all. Our children demonstrate an interest and a keen approach to learning and all members of staff are fully invested in fostering children’s aspirations and interests to engage and motivate them as ‘life long learners’.

Alongside this, we believe the foundation stones to a successful education lie in the acquisition of basic skills so children have the tools to achieve their aspirations. At Montbelle, we place great emphasis on learning the basic skills necessary to function as an economically active member of our British and global society; children will be expected to learn number bonds and times tables, basic spelling rules and reading skills. We want our children to leave Year Six as highly numerate and literate young people, with the skills necessary to be confident independent learners and successful citizens. We want our children to receive the advice they need so be well prepared for the next stage in their education and have a real joy for learning.

This journey involves collaboration between all children, staff, parents, governors and members of the wider and global community, who support our vision to become life-long learners. Our Staff embrace every opportunity to develop themselves in order to have a secure understanding of the age group they are working with and relevant subject knowledge that is detailed and communicated well to children and learners. In order to support staff development, the school works within an effective and supportive partnerships with a range of different organisations including Eltham Hill, Greenacres, Haimo, Middle Park, and Vista Field.

Opportunities for Collective Worship are provided on a daily basis. Much of the content is underpinned by the school’s commitment to the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award, Stonewall and B4L (see page 14 of Appendices document); children also have opportunities to sing together and celebrate their achievements. Our children, parents and Staff take pride in their achievements and their commitment to learning, supported by our positive culture.