The Class Representatives for 2014 – 2015 are as follows:

ClassFoundation Stage and KS 1 Name of Class Representative ClassKS2 Name of Class Representative
Ford Nursery am Mr and Mrs Wellock Curie Class Alfred BentilVacancy
Ford Nursery pm Laura SheehanVacancy Darwin Class Vacancy/Vacancy
Wright Class Dee PolatChantal Mountford-Day Hawking Class Saffron ToughSharon Woodrow
Stephenson Class Lisa HaynesNicola Ramsden Pasteur Class Queen RoddisVacancy
Armstrong Class Angela WebbStacey Bartholomew Berners-Lee Class Becky HarrisJane Fitch
Columbus Class Danielle Douglas Sarah Fisher Franklin Class Jo-Ann StrattonGail Newing
Coleman Class Mags MakohonVacancy Jobs Class Claire HaysVacancy
Scott Class Marcelle JamesLisa Uden Coston Class Vacancy/Vacancy

Our Parent Forum meets each month during the school day. The Parent Representatives come to the Forum to feedback ideas from parents for school improvement and receive information about aspects of school improvement previously raised in the Forum. Minutes from each meeting can be accessed following the link below:

Meeting of the Parent Forum 7th Nov

Feedback from first Parent Forum

Meeting of the Parent Forum 12th Dec

Meeting of Parent Forum 16th Jan

Feedback from Parent Forum 27th Feb

Minutes of meeting from 27.3.15

Minutes from meeting May 15

Minutes from Forum Dec 2016

Minutes from Forum 3rd Feb


Minutes from each meeting from 2016-2017  can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Minutes from Forum Dec 2016

Minutes from Forum 3rd Feb

Minutes from Forum 12/5/17