At Montbelle Primary School we value the children and their thoughts about the lessons during school time and at after school clubs, these are some of their comments. 

  • ‘Progressive Sports are so encouraging and they always try and help us to get better.’ (year 6 student)
  • ‘Progressive sports have good subject knowledge about a range of sports and are persistent in trying to teach us how to succeed in lessons.’ (year 6 student)
  • Sportacus (after school club) ‘Harry and Jack teach you how to pass, shoot and skills in football club.’ (year 2 student)
  • Cricket Club (Lunchtime club) ‘I think cricket club is good because it is really fun and it helps you progress in your cricket. I think the warm-ups are good because they help your throwing accuracy and your catching and reaction skills. The matches are fun because you can practice your fielding, wicket keeping and batting. Overall I like the club and it is really fun.’ (year 6 student)


During recent governors visits, the children were asked by the governors what they thought about the school. These are some of their responses.

‘It is a democratic school where every pupil has a say in the classroom and everyone has an equal opportunity.’

‘It is so friendly and it feels so safe.’

‘Lessons are fun, our playground has good games and music is good.’

‘You do learn a lot here.’

‘This school is exciting; we are hardworking and friendly.’

‘We are a democratic school, everyone is equal to each other.’