What a busy half term we have had, the children have all settled in well to their new classes. The children showed how wonderful they were in the class assemblies that we seen and enjoyed showing off how much work they have undertaken in a short space of time. As a school we had Ofsted and the report is online for anyone to read, the overall outcome is that we are a good school. The football team had their trials and the children are awaiting the results for who has made the team! Monty’s Cafe was a great success and year 4 made more than they had expected and had a great time with all of their job roles.

The water problem has been resolved as the water is now being diverted away from the walkway so the gates are open as normal.

Year 6 School Journey

Day 1 Monday 12th June 2017

We arrived just before lunch and everyone, including the teachers, were very excited!
The sun has come out, we’re in our groups and we are now really busy completing team challenges – buggy building! We’re learning how to construct vehicles using barrels and logs! Tonight is the campfire where we will be enjoying songs and sharing our talents around the fire!
Day 2 Tuesday 13th June 2016
Sunshine, snorkeling and shot-putting! Today has been a day of testing our resolve and conquering our fears. It has been wonderful to receive feedback from our instructors on how polite, well behaved and encouraging the children are towards each other. Tonight, as the sun is setting, Year 6 are looking forward to taking part in an evening quiz! We look forward to sharing more achievements tomorrow!


Week Beginning 17/04/17

Welcome back to the start of the summer term. This week will be a short one with the children only being in 3 days.

The class books have changed and this influences the reading areas in the classrooms. This half term we have Victorian lounges in one class and vines and jungle animals to inspire and link to what the children are learning.

Week Beginning 27/03/17

This week there was a buzz around the school with the upcoming production by years 3 and 4 of Alice in Wonderland. The show was amazing and the children and staff worked extremely hard to create such an wonderful show putting on two performances.

The Easter raffle run  by the enterprise children was also a great success. We are waiting to find out how much they raised.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Week Beginning  20/03/17

This week has seen the conclusion of the science adventure with the children entering a science dome where they were able to learn more about the stars and the planets.

There has also been a hive of activity in years 3 and 4 as they practise for their spring performance of Alice in Wonderland.

There was a celebration of most improved Sporting people from the clubs run by Sportacus and the children recieved medals from Harry in recognition of this.

Week Beginning 13/03/17

This week saw the celebration  of making the war memorial a Grade II listed monument thanks to the hard work of year 6. Well done on your achievements.

This week the children have been continuing along their scientific learning path and exploring about the planets in our solar system. It has been wonderful to see the learning that the children have undertaken and the eagerness to share their knowledge.

Week Beginning 06/03/17

This week we have celebrated Science Week with the help of Mrs Bowman and Miss Till. Each class got to experience all range of experiments from the skittle rainbow and lava lamps to flying a rocket over earth. The experiments were helped by a team of year six students who did a wonderful job of aiding our upcoming scientists.

Week Beginning 27/02/17

This week the theatre trips have continued and with year 5 going to watch the iron man.

On Thursday everyone was invited to dress up as their favourite book character to celebrate World Book day. The children and staff looked amazing and it was wonderful to see such a variety of costumes and book characters.

Week Beginning 20/02/17

Welcome back- we hope you have had a nice and relaxing break- this week sees the start of lots of visits being made by most of the children- year 6 have started off with a trip to the National History Museum and reception will end the week with a trip to the Aquarium and in-between there are theatre visits planned too!

Pupils from year 5 have been cycling this week learning the rules of the riding a bike, being safe on the bike and practising for riding on the roads- using the correct signals for turning corners.

Heart start week saw the children trying their hands at creating a healthy meal. The school has been filled with the aromas of cooking.

Week Beginning 06/02/17

This week has whizzed past with the children breaking up on Thursday. Nursery have been visiting the library this week. The Year 1 children have been making mud huts to link in to the book they have been learning about Lilya and the rain. They have thought about what they would and have had in the buildings.

All the children were invited to wear red for Heartstart on Thursday in preparation for Heartstart week which is the first week back.

Year 6 have been continuing with their mindfulness training. The children have also been having some SATs style tests in preparation, the children worked incredibly hard and impressed the teachers.

Have a wonderful half term.

Week Beginning 30/01/17

Year 5 are in the hall taking part in their Anglo- Saxon Workshop and all seem to be having a wonderful time. It will be wonderful to hear what they have found out and what they enjoyed the most. Nursery have been thinking about the Chinese New Year the children were drawing animals and trying to draw a rooster  and they finished their week off with some cooking!

All classes have been learning about internet safety and how to keep themselves safe and what to do and who to talk to if they feel something isn’t right on the internet.

Week Beginning 23/01/17

Year 4 had a wonderful trip to the science museum and were lucky enough not to be affected by the train issues that plague the south east the rest of the week! The children had a wonderful time learning all about the oesophagus, stomach and intestines – I hope that everyone was still able to eat their lunches!

Year 6 have been continuing with their steel pan lessons and are currently learning a new tune which will be played in a concert at the end of the school year- details of which are to be confirmed.

Nursery have been learning a lot about Chinese New Year and creating dragon dances and they were finishing their week off with noodle cooking!

Week Beginning 16/01/17

This week the children have been looking into how to use the internet safely and how to not give out personal information.

There was a wonderful time and place assembly giving all year groups a chance to show the work they had been doing for time and place and how they had gained their knowledge and sharing the interesting facts with each other.

In year 4 we have been looking at emailing and how to use them appropriately, stay safe when using emails and what is an email. The children have used a safe way of using email where they can only email their class mates and have been asking and responding to questions.

Year 6 will be having a cake sale on friday to raise money for their end of year treat. cakes will be on sale in both playgrounds during morning break and are priced at 50p each.

Week Beginning 09/01/17

This week the children from years 1-6 had the experience of entering a world of virtual reality. Classes were led by Conor a Google Expeditions Associate the children were able to find out interesting facts and were wowed at the sights that they saw especially when the scenes changed. All of the explorations were linked to learning and the children were all very excited and very responsive to the lessons it was a joy to watch and be part of. If you would like to download the app it is called Google expeditions where if you have it on multiple devices on the same WiFi settings you can be a guide and the other users can follow you and you can explore together.

It has been a pleasure to have worked across a lot of the year groups and see all their different learning and how the children can recall the facts they have learnt and are so eager to share with their peers and with members of staff.

Week Beginning 03/01/17

Firstly we would like to welcome you all back. It has been lovely to see everyone looking happy and refreshed, focused and they went straight into their learning. The children have settled straight back into school life. The week has been short compared to normal but action packed as always. Next week the children from years 1 to 6 are in for a unique experience thanks to the Google Expedition team.

Week Beginning 19/12/16

The final countdown is upon us before two important events- the class parties and a visit from a man in a red suit happen!

The children have all worked incredibly hard and the final show is drawing nearer. The children in KS1 showed their version of the nativity to children and staff across the school and everyone enjoyed the show, the costumes and the stage looked lovely. The money raised by the donations on the door will also be going to Demelza House in Eltham.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry christmas, enjoy the festive break and we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Week Beginning 12/12/16

This week the children are looking forward to sharing their festive productions with you- KS2 are performing at Methodist church on Wednesday afternoon and then FS are on Friday at 10am and 2pm.

The children in KS1 and FS were treated to watching KS2 sing all their songs and they were amazing, all the readers were clear when speaking their lines.

I’ve yet to catch the whole of the KS1 performance but the children knew their parts for the snippet that I saw.

The school as a whole has been very busy and the children are all excited for the final few day of term next week.

The KS2 performance at the church was once again well received and very well attended. The money raised on the door will go towards helping the church continue their work within the community and the maintenance of the church.

FS performed so well at both of their performances too and they were able to show how much confidence they had. The money raised from the performances will be donated to Demelza House in Eltham.

Week Beginning 5/12/16

Year 3 Nelson class gave a glimpse into their learning so far, they seem to have really enjoyed the stone-age boy – a book that allows a variety of learning surrounding it.

We are whizzing along to the festive period and the children are lucky this week to be having a treat on Friday.

There is a lot of songs around the school being practised and the mircophones are on the go!

The winners of the bike has yet to be announced. This will take place next week along with the total of the money raised at the Christmas Fayre.

Week Beginning 28/11/16

The Christmas Fayre is upon us and the children are busy making their stalls look amazing for the parents and visitors to the Fayre. There was a huge buzz around the school and the children were happy to show off their business ideas.

The Fayre was very busy and there was lots of positive comments from parents and visitors from other schools. The children really excelled themselves with the stalls they created and the staff did a brilliant job along with Parent helpers and members of E.T.A.M

Week Beginning 21/11/16

Tuesday we saw the varied science work ranging from reception to year 6. The children shared their working in a whole school assembly.

the children also had a takeover day where they had a range of jobs across the school to ‘take over’ ranging from gate duty to office jobs. The children had a challenge in the classes where they had to come up with ideas for the Christmas  Fayre where each class would be hosting a stall. The children had to use collaboration and resilience. The children then voted for the idea that they thought would make the most money for the school.

Week Beginning 14/11/16

This week has started off with a visit from Luna from the Dog’s Trust where she gave an assembly to KS2. Friday the children wore blue for Anti-Bullying Week and were able to purchase bands with proceeds going to support the cause.

Year 5 have been working hard on Pigeon Impossible which is a brilliant short film that the children had to work around. It involves a doughnut/bagel, a pigeon, a man and a briefcase. I don’t know who enjoyed it more – me or the children!

Week Beginning 7/11/16

Well its been another busy week with the children embracing as they do every year the poppy appeal and understanding what it is for, and who it remembers. The children participated in a minutes silence on Friday at 11am.

This week I worked with some of year 6 during their mindfulness lesson and I told them that I was also participating in a mindfulness program, It was nice to see that what I am learning is only slightly adapted for the children. I really wanted to try the beditation!

Year 2 were off on another adventure this time to Greenwich were they spent some time finding out about the history of Maritime in the museum and then headed off on to the Cutty Sark.

Week Beginning 31/10/16

It was lovely to see so many children back after the half term and a lot of children were excited about coming back to school on Halloween!

The children have all been busy finishing off their learning for Black History month.

Year 2 have been very creative with shredded paper and have some beautiful parrots as their finished products. I think they need to teach me as I wasn’t in their classroom.

Year 4 went off to Chislehurst Caves on Friday to reinforce their learning. The children also created art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural objects to make pieces of art.

Foundation Stage have been learning about the festival of light Diwali. They have also learnt some rules to go with the upcoming firework night and how to keep ourselves and people around us safe.

Week Beginning 17/10/16

Its been a busy final week before the half term for the children. Year 1 went on an adventure to St. Pauls Cathedral on Monday where they used a variety of modes of transport – train, boat and bus!

Year 3 were exploring the outside area for their maths lesson and took on the roll of investigated as the looked at the space and what was in it, and then took on the almighty task of measuring, they decided what they would measure in and became problem solvers when they found some measuring implements trickier than others.

Year 4 went out to the docklands museum and had a brilliant time experiencing some Tudor facts about explorers and their class names took on a more detailed meaning.

Year 6 had a visit from the dogs trust and there was lots of ohhhs and ahhhs as the children walked in and met Luna.

We had a treat before and after school of a musical melodies taster to promote their upcoming concert.

It was lovely to see so many parents on their parents evenings and to see the children having the chance to share their work so far with you.

Week Beginning 10/10/16

We would like to welcome a new member of staff Vicky Nicolosi who has taken on the roll of Family and Child Engagement Support Worker. Vicky will be based upstairs and will be offering clubs on the bus after half term, support in class and out of class for children across the whole school.

This week has been a focus of black history month with each phase finding out role models from the past and the present day.

Year 6 have had the opportunity this week to practice their bike skills and become more safety conscious when out on their bikes. The children have all worked hard and learnt new skills to help them stay safe while riding their bikes.

Year 5 had a wonderful trip to the Royal Observatory and Planetarium in Greenwich I heard it was an eye opening trip!

Week Beginning 3/10/16

The Finding Winnie theme was continued in reception this week with some wonderful bear biscuits being baked and decorated. Unfortunately there was none that escaped to the staff!

This week the children from year 1-6 have taken part in either a dance or drumming session to celebrate black history month. The drumming was a wonderful success and the dance was very expressive. The children all undertook the challenges and surprised the specialist teachers with their talents.

Week Beginning 26/9/16

The whole school have been looking at the book ‘Finding Winnie’ by Lindsay Mattick


The children have had a variety of lessons on all aspects linked to bears. All the children have taken on board the story and it was lovely to see them all engaged with the book.

Year 2 had a wonderful trip to the Golden Hinde in London and all came about with excited talk about what they had seen and how they had met- a real pirate!

Week Beginning 19/9/16

We welcome back Mr Hoyte this week and he started us off with a wonderful class assembly – with thanks to Mr Cook and Mr Hook for getting the proceedings off to a great start. The children only having been back for a week and a half showed how much they had learnt and the talents that they wanted to share with their peers and their parents. The children showed that every part of the assembly was something they had enjoyed in their lessons and were eager to share. The assembly ended on a tuneful note from one of the students giving an amazing solo performance of a song choice that was dedicated to a family member.

The meet the teachers have finished this week and were well attended- if you were unable to make the sessions all the year groups 1-6 have their slides on our parent workshop page.

Week Beginning 12/9/16

This week saw the start of the meet the teacher workshops which will run all of next week too so that you have a chance to see what your child/ children will be learning about in the classes. All the children have settled into their routines.

Steel pans began this week and the children were impressed with themselves for picking it up so quickly and by the end of their lesson being able to play part of a song altogether.

The children also celebrated Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday this week with a challenge of decorating a biscuit to represent one of his famous character- there were lots to choose from! Thank you to everyone who donated on the gates the money raised will be donated to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.


Week Beginning 5/9/16

What a lovely start to our new school year- all the children came in and filled with delights of the summer break. As staff we were pleased to announce Mr Hoyte had become a father to a little girl and will be on paternity leave until the 19.9.16.

It may have been a short week but it was filled with new adventures- the children having new teachers and routines to adjust to but all were met with enthusiasm.


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