Term Dates 2020- 2021: Montbelle Primary School

Term one

INSET day: Wednesday, 2nd of September

Additional INSET day: Thursday 3rd of September*

Additional INSET day: Friday, 4th of September*

Term time: Monday, 7th September to Friday 23 October 2020.

Half-term holiday: Monday 26 October to Friday 30 October 2020.

Term two

Term time: Monday 2 November to Friday 18 December 2020.

Christmas and New Year holiday: Monday 21 December 2020 to Friday 1 January 2021.

Term three

INSET day: Monday, 4th of January

Term time: Monday 4 January to Friday 12 February 2021.

Half-term holiday: Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February 2021.

Term four

Term time: Monday 22 February to Wednesday 31 March 2021.

Easter holiday: Thursday 1 April to Friday 16 April 2021.

Term five

INSET day: Friday, 28th of May

Term time: Monday 19 April to Friday 28 May 2021 (except May Day bank holiday on 3 May).

Half-term holiday: Monday 31 May to Friday 4 June 2021 (spring bank holiday on 31 May).

Term six

INSET day: Friday, 23rd July

Term time: Monday 7 June to Friday 23 July 2021.

One further INSET day to be announced

* Additional INSET days agreed with Royal Borough of Greenwich and DfE