What is the Teaching and Learning Team at Montbelle?

The Teaching and Learning Team (TLT) is the approach we use at Montbelle to develop all our staff to be effective leaders in order to create a curriculum, which innovates, inspires and most importantly delivers excellent outcomes for all pupils.

Team 1Team 2
EYFS - Mrs Stewart
SCIENCE – Mrs Bowman
EAL Mrs Bracken
SCIENCE- Miss Till
MFL – Mrs Robertson
TIME & PLACE –Mrs Bayes
MFL –Mrs Cernuto
Miss Burne & Mr Hoyte
Our Teaching and Learning Teams
Team 2Team 4
MATHS – Mr Kinsella
PSHE/SRE – Mrs Wardrope
RE/SMSC - Miss Stanley
PE – Mrs Helps
OUTDOOR (OL) – Miss Davies
ENGLISH – Mrs Roberts
MUSIC– Miss Richmond
ENGLISH/OL – Miss Cole
ART/DT- Miss Wlkinson


During this academic year, our teams have worked together to maximise whole school learning for all of our pupils and staff by:

  • Further improving our learning environment and displays
  • Ensuring our planning continues to cater for the needs of all of our learners
  • Updating our marking and assessment to match the new curriculum expectations
  • Visiting and working with other schools to share expertise, ideas and initiatives
  • Promoting Pupil voice in all year groups
  • Embedding British values across the school
  • Making our curriculum cross-curricular and challenging for all our learners
  • Sharing subject expertise and the latest teaching strategies to provide the most effective learning opportunities for our pupils.Montbelle is all about our pupils and our teams have helped to deliver a creatively challenging, child-focused curriculum. We ensure that we listen to our pupils and involve them in all aspects of our school. Evidence for this, can be seen in the form of:
    • Pupil ideas and interests planned for in our curriculum
    • Pupil feedback and reflections in books and displays,
    • Pupil involvement in planning class and subject assemblies, workshops and subject themed weeks
    • Pupil led activities, displays and reading area design
    • Pupil feedback to inform and improve whole school matters.So why do it? 

      Subject leaders with knowledge of

      the whole school

      Share our expertise!
      Cross-curricular, whole school agreed approach.

      Links with our learning all around
      Inspire and set high aspirations;

      Let’s be creative!
      Amazing plans, themes/projects/displays

      Evidence is everywhere
      Exciting and interesting

      Engages all learners

      Improved progress and success
      Pupils love school’