Tuesday 18th December

10am KS1 performance, parents/carers and pre-school children welcome

2pm KS1 performance(no pre-school children please)

Thursday 20th December

KS1 performance at the Chislehurst Methodist Church, BR7 5LX.

The performance begins at 2pm, however, there is NO available parking so please leave plenty of time.

Friday 21st December

Children to come to school wearing their school uniform. They may bring party clothes in a named carrier bag (NO football tops please). Each child to bring a carton of juice, packet of crisps and a biscuit to enjoy as part of their party.

Friday 21st December

Finish time at the end of term 2.20/2.30pm 

Monday 7th January

ALL CHILDREN return to school (including Nursery) there is NO inset day.

Wednesday 9th January

Crown Woods Dance rehearsals resume

Tuesday 15th January

Literacy Boosters begin

Wednesday 16th January

Maths boosters begin



Spring Term Clubs

Day Club Time Year Group Venue Provider


M Rainbow Rhythm 12.30-1.00



R, 1&2



LH Rainbow Rhythm

(Edit Leach)

Sportacus Dance Academy

** New **

3.30-4.30 R-Y6 UH Sportacus




3.30-4.30 R-Y6 LH Sportacus
T Multi-Games 8.00-8.45 R-Y6 UH Progressive Sports
Tennis 12.30-1.30 R-Y6 UH Sportacus
Football 3.30-4.30 R-Y6 LH, UH Sportacus
Girls Football


3.30-4.30 R-Y6 LH, UH Sportacus


Film Club








ICT Suite


VB Classroom

W Womble Ensemble 12.50-1.20 R-Y6 LH Edit Leach
Lego Club

** New**

12.30-1.30 R-Y6 Classroom Sportacus
Athletics 3.30-4.30 R-Y6 LH Sportacus
Th Boxing 12.30-1.30 R-Y6 UH Sportacus
Olympics 3.30-4.30 R-Y6 UH Sportacus
F Chess 12.30-1.30 R-Y6 Library Sportacus

Club Letter

Montbelle Code of Conduct

Womble Ensemble Spring Term

Sportacus Spring Term

Rainbow Rhythm Spring Term

Progressive Sports




To access parental controls and privacy settings  across a range of internet providers, gaming consoles, phones and apps please visit the internet matters website.


NSPCC  and O2 Share aware Campaign please take a look at this for help and advice concerning your child/children and the internet.