Tuesday 11th July 2017

The power issue was fixed late last night. School will be open as normal and all children will be expected in. Thank you in advance.

Monday 10th July 2017

The school will be open tomorrow. If anything changes we will put a message on the website. Please keep an eye on the website for any further updates. Thank you in advance.



To access parental controls and privacy settings  across a range of internet providers, gaming consoles, phones and apps please visit the internet matters website.



Monday 5th June

Please be advised concerning the water on the pathway in the KS1/Reception/Nursery side- Thames Water have been out and fixed the problem,  however,  any water left is just residual water and Dave is aware and of the situation and is monitoring it.

NSPCC  and O2 Share aware Campaign please take a look at this for help and advice concerning your child/children and the internet.


Due to the recent events which happened in Manchester and London the NSPCC have also issued a supporting page on their website offering guidance for parents on how to offer support to their children.