Working in partnership is very important to us all at Montbelle. We are part of a network of schools that work closely together, which include:


  • Eltham Hill School
  • Middle Park Primary
  • Haimo Primary
  • Ealdham Primary


Working together allows us to build on each others leadership strengths and share experiences to move us all forward towards outstanding and secure the best possible outcomes for our children. As partners we have also enhanced our children’s experiences by taking part in Steel Pans lessons, cross school art projects involving local artists, completion of arts award and an exhibition at the Old Royal Naval College.  


Over the last year, we have worked closely on the following:                                                                                                                               


  • training programmes for Leadership, Newly Qualified Teachers, School Business Managers and Support Staff. This enables staff to learn excellent practice from each of our schools
  • comparing books and learning with each other to benchmark our standards and see if we could be aiming even higher
  • carrying  out peer reviews on each other’s schools to help each other spot areas where we can improve