Thames class were inspired by ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ play we went to see and created their own adventure stories with their special toy.


Our summer term topic is the beach. The children in Thames class worked hard and showed off their art skills creating our new reading area.



Year one have been looking at Africa and comparing it to the UK. We then made our own mud huts as part of our design and technology project. These are Thames class’ finished huts.

Year one have worked hard to create their new reading area based on our class text, ‘The snail and the whale’. Here is Thames class book corner.




Year 1 Thames Class – Healthy Eating (March 2016)

We made snacks with healthy ingredients.  We followed instructions to make our snacks symmetrical. As an extra challenge we had to cut the pieces of fruit into halves equally.

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Year 1 Thames Class

Sugar Cubes – Do you know how much sugar you are eating?

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Year 1 Thames Class – Hearstart (February 2016)

Conscious casualty – We practised early life saving skills.

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Year 1 Thames Class

In DT we designed and made mud huts.  We collaborated together.

IMG_1132 IMG_1127 IMG_1125 - Copy IMG_1124 - Copy IMG_1095 - Copy IMG_1109 - Copy IMG_1099 (1) - Copy IMG_1098 (1) - Copy IMG_1096 - Copy IMG_1091 - Copy IMG_1092 - Copy IMG_1094 - Copy

Year 1 Thames Class (December 2015)

‘Ahoy me hearties’

We were all pirates for our KS1 Christmas production.

P1020009 P1020008 P1020002 P1020006

Year 1 Thames Class – Fireworks (November 2015)

We spoke about firework safety and made our pictures.

IMG_5251 IMG_5252 IMG_5250  IMG_5248

Year 1 Thames Class

We know how to clean our teeth effectively.  We conserved water during brushing.

IMG_0871 IMG_0869 IMG_0867 IMG_0865 IMG_0864 IMG_0863 - Copy IMG_0862 - Copy IMG_0860 - Copy IMG_0858 - Copy IMG_0859 - Copy

Year 1 Thames Class (September 2015)

We went up the River Thames to explore London buildings.  We visited St Paul’s Cathedral.


IMG_0764 IMG_0740 IMG_0716 IMG_0709 IMG_0682 IMG_0684

Year 1

We investigated measure in Maths.


The children dressed up as their favourite characters from Roald Dahl’s collection of novels to raise money for charity.

DSC00969 DSC00967