Year 4 had a two night stay in Wrotham where the children learnt how to survive in the woods by building shelters and cooking on a log fire. The scaled the heights and completed high rope challenges and ascended the climbing wall. Team challenges were undertaken by all the children in smaller groups and some proved trickier than others but the team work skills were really undertaken by the children especially in the muddier situations. Low ropes the children went into pairs and had a range of different obstacles to enable them to complete the course; wire walking, rope bridge, log sailing, climbing over a net and finally swinging to the end. Archery was held in the barn and the children were taught how to hold the bow, attach the arrow, draw back, aim and fire.

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Forest Schools

Year 4 have been lucky to experience forest schools with Mrs Bayes on Thursday afternoons. The children learn how to use the area safely and explore without the ‘normal’ school equipment,  the children can climb trees, dig, make up games and find habitats that allow them to expand their knowledge.

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